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What if you could enjoy piping hot meals, effortlessly picked up right from your school?

Say farewell to those never-ending queues, bid adieu to restricted choices, and wave goodbye to rainy-day dashes to the nearby shop or squished sandwiches from your school bag. Welcome to Food Village – a unique school lunch service meticulously crafted with students in mind!



Welcome to Food Village, where you’ll find the tastiest, hottest, and largest range of homemade school meals around! Say goodbye to boring lunches and long queues. With our convenient cashless ordering facility, you can securely pre-pay for your meals online.

Choose from over 200 delicious meals, snacks, and drinks to create your perfect menu. Our talented team of chefs lovingly prepare homemade meals every day, ensuring a delightful and satisfying experience for you. Download the Food Village App for free on iOS and Android to get started. Sign up using your school code and start ordering with ease. No subscriptions, no obligations! It’s completely up to you.

With Food Village, you have the power to make the most of your school lunch break and enjoy a variety of options. We believe that students deserve choice, value for money, and tasty, nutritious meals. Join us in revolutionizing school lunches. If you have any questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to our friendly customer support team. We’re here to help! Stay connected with us on social media for the latest news and exciting promotions.


Download the Mobile APP and choose I am Student at sign up. Enter your school code to register with your School service and start setting your menus.

Link with Parents

Share your account with your parent so they can place orders for you or so they can add their card for topping up your wallet.

Setting up a Menu

Our flexible ordering process allows you to set up a menu to repeat for a single date only for the entire school year. Orders can easily be changed and cancelled when needed before they are locked.

Allergy Management

Inbuilt allergy management system which means when you choose an allergen in your profile you will not see any menu items that contain that allergen so no accidental orders.

Pre-Paid Collection

Food Village service is a Cashless ordering facility. All items are pre-paid securely online via the App. Orders are locked 30 hours before delivery. Once an order is locked it cannot be edited and will be charged from your card.


Fast grab and go checkout. Simply scan your order code direct from your phone or your personal key tag with a unique QR code to collect their orders quickly and easily.


Each student that signs up to our service will receive a unique key tag, which you scan before collecting your order.


No more boring lunches and no more walking up to the closest shop to grab something for lunch on a rainy day.



Download Food Village APP Free for iOS and Android Mobile Phones.


If you are unsure of your Schools unique code. Please contact your School.


Set your menu with over 200 meals, snacks and drinks to choose from.


Meals are prepared fresh each day by our talented team of chefs.



Navigate through our array of Frequently Asked Questions to delve deeper into every facet of our service that might pique your curiosity. Should your quest for answers hit a roadblock, fear not – our lines of communication are open. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated customer support team.

What are the benefits for a student to use Food Village?

Imagine a world where getting hot, delicious meals from your school is as easy as a few taps from your mobile. Say goodbye to those endless queues, limited options, and soggy sandwiches from your backpack.

Food Village presents an innovative school lunch service tailored exclusively for students. Our dedicated team of skilled chefs curate your daily orders, while our efficient delivery crew ensures these meals are heated to perfection right within your school premises. With a diverse menu featuring over 200 delectable choices, you’re in for a delightful culinary journey. Whether you’re up for daily variety or have a set favorite, the power is in your hands.

Experience the much-awaited flexibility of the Food Village app – a game-changer for students. We’re here to revolutionize school meals, offering you a plethora of choices, excellent value, and nourishing, lip-smacking alternatives. Once you have the Food Village app, you can opt to connect it to a parent account, granting your parents full control over the wallet section, or you can keep things independent, managing your own funds and budgets seamlessly. Join us in reshaping your school dining experience with Food Village.

I don't have a School Code, how can i sign up?

Please contact your School directly to access your Schools unique code.

How do I know lunch is ordered?

Your orders take center stage 30 hours before they make their way to school. Once the curtain falls on this timeframe, changes become a no-go – your order is in the spotlight, officially finalised, and set to be deducted from your wallet. The wallet deduction dance takes place at midnight on the eve of delivery, ensuring all is set for your culinary journey at school.