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Do you have a question about the Food Village App or service? Contact us today by filling in the below form and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively please call us on (01) 525 3412


Manage your orders from anywhere, anytime.




All our meals are created by chefs using local, fresh produce and heated on-site at School to ensure optimum taste.


From our step-by-step ordering process to no-hassle account changes, we make your life easier every way we can.


No limits, full flexibility. From Student ordering once in a while to a parent ordering for multiple children daily.


Rest easy knowing what your child is eating and manage daily. Enjoy fewer trips to the store with pre-planned, pre-paid meals.

Dietarily diverse

Picky appetites welcome! Food Village offers Vegan, Veggie & Gluten-Free options with a full allergy management system.

No waste

It’s easy being green with our pre-ordered meals and recyclable materials. All our meals are served in recyclable containers and with compostable cutlery.

Fresh and affordable

All Food Village meals are competitively priced with items starting at only €0.49. Heated fresh at School.


Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to find further details on any aspect of our service you may have questions about. If you can’t find an answer to your question please contact us.

How do I order meals?

Download the Food Village APP to your Smart Phone or on your Desktop Login/ Register here. Select if you are a Parent or a Student. Follow the sign-up form steps to complete your registration. If you are unsure of your School Code please contact your School directly. Once you have successfully signed up, please take the time to watch our short introduction videos which will explain everything you need to know about the Food Village App. Now all you need to do is add a card to your wallet and make choices about what you would like to order.

I don't have a School Code, how can i sign up?

Please contact your School directly to access your Schools unique code.

How do I know lunch is ordered?

Orders are locked 48 hours before they are due at School. Once your order is locked it cannot be edited and has been officially placed and will be charged from your wallet. Your wallet will be charged for orders at midnight the day before delivery.