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Good nutrition in childhood promotes growth, health, learning, and reduced risks for chronic diseases. A well-balanced diet is necessary for children to do well in school and lead healthy and productive lives. Food Village schools can provide meals that improve student nutrition and promote better eating.


Food Village an innovative company with a goal: To improve school food, offer nutritional meal options, support sustainable food systems, and create an easy-to-use ordering system for students to enjoy meals in School every day. Students need to understand the relationships between food, culture, health, and the environment and have easy access to a range of choices which offer value for money. Food Village offers to simplify lunch for Students, Parents & Teachers all via an easy-to-use mobile ordering APP for your phone.

Fortunately, Food Village offers the advantage, experience, and knowledge of our very successful sister company Freshtoday. Freshtoday are an established market leader in the preparation and delivery of both Hot & Cold school meals throughout Ireland for the past 11+ years. Freshtoday celebrates locally owned businesses in communities throughout Ireland. Advocating for sustainable local economies and the growth of jobs and vibrant communities. Our goal is to raise awareness of the cultural and economic benefits that local businesses provide and how supporting local businesses, supports us all.

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