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If you happened to order from Food Village in the past you may have noticed that once you had collected your order from us there was no option to order something else. Well, now that has all changed. As of September 2023 we have launched multi-ticketed ordering and what that means for you as the customer is if you fancy a water after you have collected your meal, that is no problem for us. You can place and collect as many orders as you so choose.

We are sure you will love this new feature within our service. Keep that feedback coming so we can keep updating our app and service to make it the best possible school lunch service in the county!

So don’t fret if you missed out on getting your pre-order in on time, now you can still avail of our range. Either a student can order on their mobile phone, a parent can order from their account and the student can simply collect in school or very soon we are adding in tablet kiosks to all our schools so you can order in school.