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Food Village is a pre-ordered lunch service, in order to make the most of our choice of 200+ meal options, you do need to be a little bit prepared and think ahead. Sometimes even the best-laid plans, don’t go according to well, plan and as winter rolls around again, sick days off school are inevitable. Our cancellation policy used to be you can cancel your order until 9:30 am on the morning of collection and you would automatically receive a 50% refund on your order total back to your wallet, as the items you ordered were already made by our team of chefs and in school waiting for you.

This policy didn’t make sense for ambient and cold items, but we had no way until now to differentiate your order and offer different refund amounts, but over the Summer our App development team has been super busy and this feature is now availble in the app. So if you need to cancel your order for whatever reason you can do this on the dashboard in your app and now you receive 50% of the total for your hot meal items, if any as these are still in school but you receive 100% refund of the non-perishable items like your drinks and snacks